There are so many utilitarian metal objects in the world — doors, barn stalls, signage, bins, trash cans, gates, railings (such as interior stair railings and industrial stair railings), and much more. But these things don’t need to be boring or ugly. Custom architectural metal features can be decorative as well as structural. It doesn’t take any more time or money to fabricate these items in a beautiful way than it does in a mundane way. Using a variety of methods, including production cutting services, CNC sheet metal forming, and welding, metal fabricators are adept at fabricating steel and other metal materials into anything an architect or engineer can design. Objects made by custom architectural metal fabrication can vary from large to small. Anything from golf tee markers to privacy screens to custom horse stalls can be created by a steel fabricator.

In order to make your decorative steel fabrication design dream a reality, it is very important to have several conversations before you get started on your project. Be sure to talk to your potential steel fabricator about:

Their Steel Fabrication Experience

Make sure your steel fabricator has the appropriate fabrication and manufacturing experience. You can do this by walking through your design with them and asking them to show you projects similar to yours. This will help you be comfortable knowing they have the capabilities to create your design and can do what you are asking.

Your Custom Metal Fabrication Design

Consult with your steel fabrication and manufacturing professional about whether or not your design is feasible in its current form. If not, they should be able to help you tweak your design to make it work.

Metals for Your Design

Metals are diverse, so be sure to ask about the best ones for the application of your design. They can include wrought iron, bronze, or stainless steel. Wrought iron, for example, can add a classic and elegant twist to your design, as well as strength and durability. If you are looking for a more rustic look, consider antique bronze or a brushed bronze finish. If you are looking for a more universal finish, go with satin black or oil-rubbed bronze. Don’t forget about metals like stainless steel, copper, or brass too!

If your fabrication will be subjected to the elements, we recommend powder coating to add a high-quality finish, or simply utilizing COR-TEN® steel. Either way, your steel fabricator can help you choose the best metal for your application.

Delivery Time for Your Custom Fabrication and Manufacturing

You also want to ensure they are able to deliver your finished product on time and where it needs to be. Depending on the size and weight of your custom interior fabrication, stainless steel welding projects, residential metal fabrication, or custom steel parts, your steel fabrication design may take extra time or licensing to deliver.

Make sure you are on the same page with your fabrication and manufacturing professional regarding these details. Only then should you ask for a metal fabrication quote.

No matter where it is or how it is used, decorative custom architectural metal fabrication always makes a statement. And, unlike other materials, metal will stand the test of time and be useful for a long time after it is installed.

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