Steel fabrication is a complex process requiring skill and experience. When you’re building something, you need trustworthy fabrication to uphold your business reputation.  Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication creates quality products and delivers them on time, from welding and metal cutting to 3D CAD design.

Our Steel Fabrication Services

We can meet your unique design, assembly and finishing needs. If you need accurate, premium-quality steel products customized to match your specifications, look no further than Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication.

Our commitment to superior workmanship, customer service and innovative technology keeps us pushing the boundaries of our capabilities. When you’re concerned about a project’s complexity, we’re here to provide consistently high-quality, precise steel fabrication services throughout manufacturing.


    1. Laser cutting: Our laser cutting services efficiently cut parts with a fully automated laser system if your project is more complex. You can use this service for various materials, like wood, metal, glass and plastic.
    2. Metal cutting: Our experienced saw-cutting operators precisely cut tubes, pipes and bars with advanced equipment like the HYDMECH S-20A bandsaw. This process requires less energy and material waste, saving you money.
    3. Welding: Our experienced team of welders performs high-production volumes and single-part projects, whether you need tungsten inert gas or metal inert gas. Our team can weld a range of thicknesses, from heavy structural plates to thin-gauge sheet metal.
    4. CNC forming: Our CNC services rely on advanced machinery to bend, mold and shape materials to fit your requirements for exact metal forming. Our skilled team produces consistent results for every project, no matter how complex.
    5. Countersinking, tapping and hardware insertion: Our countersinking services use some of the most reliable tools to ensure your screws sit flush with the object’s surface. Our tapping and hardware insertion form part of our secondary machining operations, allowing us to assemble parts and hardware to your unique specifications.
    6. 3D CAD design: Our 3D computer-aided design services give you the ideal custom design, meeting your specifications the smart way.
    7. Powder coating: As an additional value-added service, we offer the option to finish your project with high-quality powder coating for durable protection.

Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Services

Metal Cutting Services

Metal Cutting Services

CNC Forming

CNC Forming


Welding Services

Countersinking, Tapping &
Hardware Insertion

Countersinking, Tapping & Hardware Insertion

3-D CAD Design &
Powder Coating

3-D CAD Design & Powder Coating

Explore Our Custom Steel Fabrication Capabilities

Are you looking for custom steel fabrication near you? A significant benefit of working with Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication is that our Pennsylvania-based professionals create custom-tailored projects. Whether your request is simple or complex, our skilled welders and steel fabricators can precisely meet your specifications, crafting your project in-house to reduce completion time. 

Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication produces quality parts for clients using the latest industry technology and specialized equipment.

  • TRUMPF TruLaser 3030: This laser cutting system provides various automation options and accounts for high-volume productivity with excellent quality and reliability, allowing us to fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently.
  • TRUMPF TruBend 5130: This machine delivers outstanding productivity and cost-effective metal bending throughout each stage, allowing you to receive high-quality parts even on a budget.
  • HYDMECH S-20A Bandsaw: The S-20A gives us precise cutting capabilities of up to 13 by 18 inches.

Our Steel Fabricating Process

The steel fabricating process consists of three primary steps — design, fabrication and assembly. Our steel fabricators use numerous tools, equipment and techniques to produce products to your specifications. Following an efficient and effective method gets the finished product to you faster. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Design: We use state-of-the-art software to develop 3D and 2D part models, ensuring we have the correct specifications. Our team’s technical knowledge and attention to detail optimizes functionality and eliminates errors. 
  2. Fabrication: Our steel fabricators will cut and shape your components, molding them with various specialized machines and tools.
  3. Assembly and finishing: The last step involves assembling the components and ensuring the product is stable. Then, we add finishing to protect your piece from deterioration and erosion.

Partner With Us on Your Steel Fabrication Project

Do you require steel fabrication services for your projects? Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication is ready to help you achieve your goals. We’re a one-stop shop for all your needs, including product design, laser, forming, welding, assembling and finishing.

To complete your custom steel fabrication, our qualified, skilled fabricators handle your product throughout all three steel fabrication stages. We also assign you an individualized project manager to provide outstanding customer service. To manufacture your products faster and at a lower cost, we encourage you to contact us for more information or get a free quote today!