A few frequently asked questions about Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication and our steel fabrication services, architectural metalwork, and more: 
What is metal fabrication?
Metal fabrication is the process of building structures from raw metal. The process includes cutting, welding, machining, bending, forming, and assembly to create the final product. 
What raw metal materials do you work with?
The common metals we work with are mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Other ornamental metals we work with are copper, brass, bronze, and cot-ten steel.
When would laser cutting services be effective?
Laser cutting services are perfect for projects that need precision cutting. The laser can be used for manufacturing style parts or decorative pieces. Laser cutting uses a high-powered laser for tight tolerance cutting and can be used on a variety of materials at varying thickness.
Should finished work be powder coated?
When exposed to the elements, unfinished fabricated metal tarnishes and corrodes. Powder, hot dip galvanization, or epoxy paint provides protection, durability, and an attractive aesthetic to your part.
Can you help with custom requests?
Yes, we can. Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication is ready to be your full-service architectural metal fabricators for any and all custom requests. We provide 2D and 3D designs, rendering services, and creative design advice to meet our customers’ needs.
Can you make barn hardware and accessories?
Yes, we do provide custom decorative and functional components based on the needs of the customer. 
If I don’t live nearby, can work be shipped?
We can provide shipping service to most parts of North America.