CNC metal forming is an essential process for creating custom metal parts. At Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication, we use this process, among others, to create a precision part made for your applications. With our wide range of capabilities, we make an excellent partner in custom parts manufacturing.

Our Precision Metal Forming Process

At Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication, we provide custom metal forming services to meet your unique project demands. Our highly trained team completes the metal forming process with the utmost precision to ensure your final part meets all tolerances and specifications. Standard methods we use for our projects include:

  • Stretching: This type of metal processing involves simultaneously stretching and bending a piece of metal over a die. Performing this operation with a die helps us create contoured parts with precision radii and a smooth surface.
  • Bending: With the help of specialized machinery, our team places a piece of material over a die block that punch-presses the metal. The bending force applied to the material forces it into the shape of the die.

When you engage our CNC metal forming services, we use one or multiple processes to achieve the final part you need. We work with all types of steel to create durable components with the preferred tensile strengths for your applications.

We use the best-in-class TRUMPF TruBend 5130 to complete these tasks. This machine’s unique automation features enable it to deliver consistent, precision-formed parts — from the first piece to the last. This machine is also known for its cost-effectiveness, allowing us to pass savings on to you. We can work with a range of project sizes on this machine, from prototyping quantities to high-volume production.

Custom Metal Forming for Any Project

Our expertise in metal forming allows us to complete a wide range of projects, from small, intricate profiles to large steel components. When we begin your project, we’ll take time to understand your unique requirements and determine the best course of action for your parts. 

We commonly work with aluminum and mild and stainless steel for our metal forming projects, but we also have experience with ornamental metals like copper, bronze, brass and Corten steel. Our team can help you decide which metal is best for your project based on factors like strength and aesthetic preferences. Some of the work we’ve done includes:

  • Steel corners
  • Steel pavilion beams
  • Railing and fencing
  • Precision-cut parts

 Our work has played a critical role in various industries, with a focus on architectural and residential pieces. Explore our gallery to get a better sense of our capabilities.

fabricator utilizing a tool to bend sheet metal

Partner With Us on Your CNC Metal Forming Project

Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication is located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, giving us quick access to the major metropolitan areas in the mid-Atlantic region. We’ve completed work for operations in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. With our metal forming capabilities and many other services, we can provide the expertise and manufacturing you need for your custom parts. Get in touch with us today, or request a free quote for more information.

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