Component Fabrication

There are numerous ways to accomplish metal parts fabrication, and our services include most of these methods. We use many techniques to cut, shape, format and join materials together to create intricate parts and components. We work one-on-one with our clients so that we can understand their full brief, including their ideas and design concepts. We want to know your goals and what your requirements are for the finished project, including the finish and process that you envision. 

Our clients range from residential homeowners who need decorative pieces for gazebos or large items like property gates, to manufacturers with large-scale industrial fabrication needs such as railings and steel supports. We also service the commercial and architectural industry, providing park swings, divider screens and pavilions. Let us know about your metalwork needs, and we’ll get our team to work out the details for you.

Our Metal Parts Fabrication Process

Your needs will determine how we tailor-make your products. We can craft custom metal parts through steps such as:

close up of TRUMPF laser at work on metal

Laser Cutting

We guide a high-powered laser beam to cut or engrave materials by using computer controls. The edge has a high-quality surface finish that is clean and precise. Laser cutting is one of the quickest cutting methods and allows complex shapes to be created from multiple types of metals.

fabricator performing CNC metal forming

Metal Cutting

High-quality equipment, such as the HYDMECH S-20A band saw, is used for precise and seamless cutting. It has adjustable operator control and cast iron band wheels, giving excellent cutting results.

Custom steel fabrication


We employ welding when individual pieces have been made and need to be combined, such as products for piping, decorative elements and supports. We can do welding for a single-part project or weld components in high production volumes. 

Custom Metal Parts

We complete custom metal parts manufacturing in-house. We have invested in the latest technology and equipment to meet our customers’ needs, and we ensure our team is highly skilled in welding, engineering and high-quality workmanship. The combination of our expertise and equipment is unmatched.

In addition to our process above, we use methods like computer numerical control (CNC) in-house for bending and shaping to finish off complex pieces. The technology allows us to bend metal to specific angles and degrees repeatedly for high-volume jobs. Each component will be consistent with the previous, resulting in accurate metal parts fabrication — even for complex geometries.

Our blend of techniques and technologies allows us to repetitively transform raw metal materials into functional parts for your business. With our ability to do multiple services on a single job, we are your one-stop custom metal parts manufacturer.

Choose Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication as Your Metal Parts Manufacturer

Each project that comes in is unique — including yours. Partner with us for a personalized experience with your design. We assign individual project managers to our clients so that we can build a relationship with you and have insight into your specific requirements.

Get in touch with one of the experts on our team to start your quote.