The Benefits of Powder Coating in Steel Fabrication

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When exposed to the elements, unfinished fabricated metal tarnishes and corrodes. In order to add durability and longevity to steel fabrication designs, a proper finish is necessary. Since its introduction in North America in the 1960s, the dry finishing process called powder coating has become extremely popular. It requires less equipment and less application time — and results in less rejected work — than other finishing methods.

If you aren’t familiar with this finish, powder coating is the process of applying a dry powdered paint compound. It’s made of pigments and resin, that is electrostatically sprayed on a surface to form a painted finish. Typically any metal object can be powder coated if it’s able to tolerate the high levels of heat required by the curing process.

So why powder coat your steel fabrication designs? Let us share some of the benefits of powder coating.

When you powder coat finished steel fabricated work, it becomes more resistant to impact from moisture, chemicals, UV light, and other conditions. Thus reducing the risk of scratches, fading, corrosion, and other general wear issues. Along with increasing the durability of a project, it creates uniformity in its appearance. There aren’t the runs, bubbles, or streaks that can appear when using liquid paint or other alternatives to finish steel fabrication designs.

Another benefit of powder coating is the variety of finish styles available. There are various light-reflection styles — such as high gloss, semigloss, or matte — to pick from, and a never-ending rainbow of colors to choose from to expertly color match.

A final benefit over other finishes is that powder coating is more environmentally sound than liquid paints, due to containing no solvents or harsh chemicals. There is only dry powder involved. So it goes right from the spray gun to the metal surface, producing a pollutant-free process. Therefore, there is no need to maintain costly pollution-control equipment.

Powder coating makes your product look better and last longer. That perfect powder coated finish adds a durable, high-quality, and attractive finish to any steel fabrication project. When working with Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication, an experienced steel fabrication company, our projects start with a perfect design and end with a perfect finish.


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