Architectural metalwork works well for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s no wonder that it has become popular and stylish to integrate it into residential designs. With just a little bit of imagination, custom architectural metalwork fits into any home. Combining a multitude of structural and aesthetic elements to suit any design style—from traditional to contemporary.

Take architectural steel and iron staircases for example.

These can be a striking main feature in a home, as their design is intended for a volume of use. We’ll manufacture and install anything from very basic steel-and-iron staircases to more elaborate bronze spiral staircases. The staircases can be fitted with a variety of hand-forged iron railings or stair hardware and finished in a dark bronze beeswax finish or battle black powder coated.

If you have no need for steel staircases and iron handrails, a property gate might be a better option for your home.

Gates are intended to limit access for either safety or security, so we make sure to fabricate the end product with that in mind. We can make wrought iron gates right to your specifications, allowing for any extra artistic details you might want, such as hand-hammered iron accents. Structural wrought iron gates are perfect for driveways, property entrances, and enclosures.

And lastly, another option to incorporate architectural metalwork into your home is with decorative door hardware.

There are endless options for the type of hardware accents that can be added, including handles, pulls, hinges, knockers, latches and bolts, and straps. Decorative door hardware not only looks appealing but is exceptionally functional as well. The forged wrought iron detail of these pieces adds lasting beauty to any home.

Over the years, we’ve worked with architects, designers, and homebuilders throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to create quality, unique pieces for many residential projects. When you’re ready for custom metal stairs, iron handrails and fittings, fencing and property gates, or decorative iron door pulls and straps, choose us to add these pieces to your home.


Our experienced team can help you decide what type of architectural metalwork will work best in your space and create pieces that reflect your own personal style.