Does an office job sound painfully boring to you? Do you hate the idea of sitting at a desk, replying to emails, mindlessly staring at a computer screen for the rest of your life? If you like working with your hands, learning new skills, and doing a job that’s valuable in today’s world, perhaps a career in metal fabrication is right for you.

Metal fabrication is the process of making parts and materials out of raw metal, and fabricators are the ones who make it happen. Our world is filled with more metal products than we might realize. From handrails to guardrails, cans to cutlery, bookshelves to auto parts, and so much more, metal fabrication products are intricately involved in our day-to-day lives.

In metal fabrication, there are a variety of job opportunities, many of which include on-the-job training. Some careers involve more hands-on work, like a machinist or welder, while others involve more designing and problem-solving, like a CAD engineer. If these skills sound interesting, pursuing a job in metal fabrication might be the perfect career path for you.

Employees at Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication love many components of their jobs. Here’s what they have to say:

1. We’re never stuck doing the same thing every single day.

Projects are always changing. When we finish one task, we quickly move on to the next exciting challenge. Working on a variety of projects makes the days go by quickly.

2. It feels good to do a job that’s meaningful and makes a difference in people’s lives.

People and companies rely on skilled fabricators to create necessary products for their businesses. We love working hard and having the satisfaction of seeing the finished products come together.

3. We love problem-solving and figuring out how things work.

Metal fabrication is a thinking person’s occupation. It requires good problem-solving skills, a solid understanding of math, and a strong attention to detail. We love figuring out how we can make something work better or more efficiently.

4. We have job security.

There will always be a need for welders and fabricators. As long as people need and use metal products, we will have consistent work. We can also advance our careers through more training.

At Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication, we offer full-service custom metal fabrication and laser cutting services. Our goal is to provide superior workmanship and an excellent work environment. If you’re interested in pursuing a career with us, we’d love to talk. Contact us to start your dream job today.