Sheet Metal Fabrication

​Do you need high-quality fabricated metal parts for your projects? Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication is your go-to shop for all your metal fabrication needs. Browse our metal fabrication services, from metal cutting to CNC forming, and discover the best process for your project. If you’re unsure about the right metal fabrication service, our team is ready to assist you.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication is all-encompassing, covering a series of processes to alter sheet metal into various forms for different needs. For this reason, it plays a pivotal role in many sectors, including architecture, manufacturing and agriculture. At Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication, we can complete various metal fabrication projects. Our full-service shop provides key metal fabrication services, such as:

  • Metal cutting: We offer metal cutting to our clients to cut bars, tubes and pipes seamlessly.
  • Laser cutting: In complex industries, laser cutting does wonders in ensuring precise, efficient and clean cuts.
  • Welding: Our custom welding operations help with projects like frames, railings, stairs and decorative elements.
  • CNC forming: Metal forming requires precision and efficiency. CNC metal forming works best for stretching and bending metals to comply with client specifications.
  • Countersinking and tapping: We offer additional services to match your project requirements. Our countersinking process smoothes rough edges while tapping makes mating threads on screws and caps.

Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Services

Metal Cutting Services

Metal Cutting Services

CNC Forming

CNC Forming


Welding Services

Countersinking, Tapping &
Hardware Insertion

Countersinking, Tapping & Hardware Insertion

3-D CAD Design &
Powder Coating

3-D CAD Design & Powder Coating

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

From industrial projects to residential requests, we at Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication custom-tailor products according to your needs. Our experts are equipped with years of knowledge and in-depth experience in metal fabrication, positioning our team to recommend the most suitable process to achieve your goals. 

In addition, we have an inventory of top-notch equipment with the latest technology to optimize the overall process. Each machine takes on a specific responsibility to reduce service time and keep your products on schedule. Our primary tools for metal fabrication include:

  • TRUMPF TruLaser 3030: Our laser cutting method relies on state-of-the-art equipment that ensures precision and quality. CO2 lasers offer smooth cutting edges, burr-free parts and seamlessly cut tubes.
  • TRUMPF TruBend 5130: When it comes to CNC forming, we count on this TruBend model to deliver top-notch results. The equipment comes with bending-angle precision, making it ideal for accurate metal bending operations. 
  • HYDMECH S-20A Band Saw: Our metal cutting technique leverages this automatic band saw with precise and versatile cutting capabilities. It also features on-demand hydraulics for a more cost-effective operation without compromising quality. 


Our Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Some common materials used in metal fabrication are steel, aluminum, bronze and copper, and the best option depends on the desired result. The materials then undergo various processes, including:

  • Cutting: As the first step of the metal fabrication process, it’s crucial to find a partner that offers precise and efficient cutting methods. Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication is one of the leading sheet metal fabrication companies in PA, ensuring you receive quality and precise cutting services, including metal and laser cutting. 
  • Forming: In this stage, metals go through bending, roll forming and stretching. CNC forming is a popular technique that delivers precise metal shapes. 
  • Assembling: Once the metals acquire their desired shape or form, they are joined together to create the finished product. We can use various welding methods, such as gas metal arc, gas tungsten and shield metal arc, to fit your specifications.


Partner With Us for Sheet Metal Fabricating Projects

As your one-stop shop for various metal fabrication processes, we can easily handle all your requests in one place. Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication leverages world-class equipment and ensures you have access to our dedicated team of experts. Contact us for more information about our services and get a free quote today.