A Metal Fabrication Company with Expertise to Meet Your Equestrian Needs

Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication proudly serves the equestrian market through the design and manufacture of custom horse stall front systems and other equine facility equipment. Our expertise in custom metal fabrication—coupled with our vast knowledge of equestrian facility construction—makes us the ideal partner for your next horse barn project. 

We offer different horse stall front systems, dependent on the look, function, and available space within the design of your horse barn. Between high stall fronts or low stall fronts, our design experts will help select the best horse stalls that work for your space and customize the build of the framing and overall shape of the horse stall. The same goes for the horse stall doors that will accompany the front system. There are two styles of horse stalls, sliding horse stalls and hinged horse stalls. Sliding horse stalls offer a more traditional look, while hinged horse stalls can feature a more unique style with curves and tailored design features. Either one can be selected based on preference or necessity. Lastly, horse stalls aren’t complete without stall partitions. Stall partitions are to be both functional beautiful and based on horses’ temperament, primary use of the stall, and climate.

We have years of experience working with barn owners, architects, designers, and builders in the Mid-Atlantic region to create the steel fabricated elements of their horse barn and equine projects. We have played a role in the design/build of horse barns, equine breeding facilities, equestrian riding and training centers, boarding facilities, and more.

From the Design of Your Horse Stall Doors to the Design of Your Horse Stall Door Hardware, Mid-Atlantic Steel Can Bring Your Vision to Life

  • Expert metal fabrication
  • Custom designs
  • Projects of any size
  • Horse stalls, horse stall fronts, horse stall doors
  • Partitions, screens, gates
  • Custom hardware and accessories
  • Quality, safety, functionality