Do you have walls or fencing around your property but a driveway that’s open to the road? Are you considering a driveway gate? You have many material options for building a driveway gate, including wood, vinyl, and stone, but a metal driveway gate adds both beauty and security to your property’s entrance.

There are many reasons why a main gate to enter your property is a good idea. A driveway gate offers a secure point of entry into a space enclosed by fencing or walls. Historically, people have enclosed their properties for a variety of reasons, whether to keep livestock from roaming or to keep enemies out of their castles. Today, fenced-in properties are popular to help keep belongings secure, to protect the people (and pets!) who live inside, and to ensure privacy from passersby. A gate is a necessary, practical addition to any home or business with walls or fencing around it.

But beyond practicality, driveway gates can add to your property value and curb appeal also. A metal driveway gate, in particular, can be a real piece of artwork, one that is totally unique to you and your property’s style.

At Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication, we recommend installing a driveway gate made of metal over any other type of material. Read on for a few reasons why.

  1. Less Maintenance – Metal is easier to maintain than other gate materials. Metal fence gates are usually powder coated and can endure more abuse from outdoor elements like sun, wind, and rain. With powder coating, your metal gate will also be resistant to rust, chips, and scratches. Keeping a metal driveway gate clean is as easy as wiping it down, and it can easily be recoated or painted if there are signs of wear — or if you just want to change up its look.
  2. Durability – The strong, sturdy properties of metal make for an extremely durable driveway gate. Metal can tolerate more accidental damage than wood or vinyl. Also, unlike other materials, like wood, metal is not prone to insect infestation.
  3. Limitless Design Options – Metal is the perfect material to create the gate of your dreams. A professional metal fabricator can ply metal into any configuration. Just choose the style and color you want. Create a metal driveway gate to match the exterior of your home or even to represent your interests or type of property. Initials are a classic choice for a family estate. A horse design is only natural for an equestrian facility. Own a vineyard or brewery? Consider grapes or hops. Making a statement with a metal driveway gate is easy!

Want to Learn More about Metal Driveway Gates?

There are so many benefits to using metal for your custom driveway gate. While metal might cost a little more than other materials, the durability and design benefits make it a superior choice. Are you interested in creating a one-of-a-kind metal driveway gate to enhance your property? Maybe you have questions or need a little inspiration? The professional metal fabricators at Mid-Atlantic Steel Fab can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today!